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Goode Real Estate offers you a free, no-obligation Pre-Appraisal Consultation that will help you best prepare your property for sale

Put our unique experience to work

Our extensive knowledge of local property and 13+ years of building and renovation experience in Armidale allows us to provide you with unique advice on ways to maximise the sale price of your property.

Pre-appraisal Consultation

Here’s how our unique (and completely free), offer gives you a selling advantage.


A licensed agent with a trade background

Before moving into real estate, Neville Goode spent more than a decade helping home owners prepare their homes for sale by performing renovations and rectifications. While he still maintains various trade licenses, his focus now is on using this knowledge to advise property owners prior to listing – giving them a Goode advantage at sale time.


No fees and no obligations

We do not charge for this consultation, and whilst we can gladly make referrals to any trades you may need, we do not receive commissions for any work you complete. Our aim is simply to help you prepare to list your property. Even if you’re not actively considering selling, we’re still happy to talk to you about potential ways to improve the value of your home.


We'll be ready when you are

Whether or not you choose to follow any of our suggestions to prepare your home, we’ll be ready to talk when you’re ready to list – or available to offer any other helpful advice you may need (including providing an updated appraisal).

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